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Paintwork Safe: ✔
Coating Safe: ✔
PPF & Vinyl Safe: ✔
Surface: All painted or coated surfaces

IGL’s clay towel is designed to give your paint a smooth as glass feel without the difficulty of using a clay bar. It cleanses & decontaminates the surface in one step. Used properly, IGL’s clay towel easily pulls off over-spray, rail dust, industrial fallout and contamination that are embedded into the surface.

Easy-to-use, the IGL Clay Towel is just that, a towel. No need to hold on tightly in fear it will fall and be completely useless. Once the clay towel is properly lubricated, it will be easy glide across the surface. Even more smoothly as you pull away the contaminants that are causing the rough surface. Plus, the top side of the towel, the non-clay portion, is made out of microfiber, for a comfortable clean on your hands.

IGL Clay Towel is safe to use on practically all surfaces. You can use it on paint, PPF, vinyl and even coated surfaces. Best of all, you can use the IGL Clay Towel to your heart’s desire! It’s not just one and done for this towel. You can reuse IGL Clay Towel multiple times, just rinse it off after each use.


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