Bike Ceramic Coatings

Ecocoat Bike performs outstandingly well against harsh weather conditions, particularly after a thunderstorm and the scorching sun.

Ecocoat Bike is produced with uncompromising standards and manufacturing requirements in order to provide users like yourself with the best performing coatings with unrivalled reliability and durability.


Lasting up to 18 months*

Ecocoat bike is our unique high solids ceramic coating system. Giving all coated surfaces a long term, enhanced finish that is ultra scratch-resistant and hydrophobic making your bike easy to clean and maintain while retaining a deeper finish that is proven to last for months rather than weeks.

Ecocoat Bike is a REACH compliant user-friendly ceramic coating system for almost all types of painted surfaces, metal, plastic and vinyl with more than 90% of active materials based.

*Based on everyday use. Results may vary.

Ecoshine Enhancer

  • Hybrid Quick Detailer
  • Waterbased & Zero VOC
  • Nanotechology
  • Hydrophobic & Gloss Enhancing
  • Safe to be applied to all parts of your vehicle
  • Creates a slick, glossy and protected surface

Ecoclean Air

  • Natural Deodorizer
  • Eliminates foul odoursĀ 
  • Effectively traps and suppresses foul odours preventing them from being released back into the air
  • Simply spray on the effected surface and let the formula go to work on your toughest smells

Ecoclean Wash

  • Waterbased & Zero VOC
  • Shampoo that cleanses, conditions and protects your vehicle
  • One easy step
  • Unique blend of surfactant and waxes provides an excellent blend of lubrication for dirt removal and protection
  • Helps maintain cleanliness for longer