Automotive Ceramic Coatings

We offer a range of ceramic coatings suitable for everyone’s needs. Our four main ceramic coatings are; Poly, Quartz, Quartz Plus & Kenzo which are all to be applied by our accredited installers. We now also offer a coating suitable for customer use.

If you are interested in ceramic coating your vehicle look no further, explore this page and choose the right option for you.

ecocoat kenzo


Lasting up to 5 years*

Ecocoat Kenzo is our multi award winning flagship graphene-reinforced ceramic coating system which pioneered the 100% active material formulation for ceramic coatings.

Kenzo has increased durability of up to 60 months and higher resistance to water spotting. Ecocoat Kenzo’s unmatched clarity and gloss radiate a rich and natural glow reminiscence of bespoke wax and its thick 10H hardness layer protect 12 times longer than waxes.

*Based on an average of 12k miles per year

Quartz Plus

Lasting up to 4 years*

Ecocoat Quartz+ is our dual layer graphene-reinforced ceramic coating system that combines two ceramic coatings with different attributes to provide the ultimate layer of protection and an excellent finish for any paintwork.

Quartz+ has enhanced durability of up to 48 months, offering amazing water repelling behaviour which is resistant to water spotting & chemical staining, and superb clarity & gloss.

*Based on an average of 12k miles per year


Lasting up to 2 years*

Ecocoat Quartz is our pioneering high solid ceramic coating system using modified active materials to create a highly durable and glossy finish. The result is an increase in the paint’s reflectivity and resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring, and UV that lasts up to 24 months.

*Based on an average of 12k miles per year


Lasting up to 1 year*

Ecocoat Poly is our high solid ceramic coating system. Using only natural ingredients and modified active materials creating a hard durable coating designed to keep even the worst of the elements at bay. The result is an increase in the paint’s reflectivity and also resistance against harsh chemicals, micro marring, and UV that last up to 12 month.

*Based on an average of 12k miles per year


Lasting up to 1 year*

Ecocoat EZ is our newest graphene-reinforced ceramic coating system. EZ is UV resistant and produces an high quality glossy finish to any vehicles paintwork. The additional benefits are excellent water repelling behaviour meaning less cleaning required as well as chemical resistance and weathering resistance.

*Based on an average of 12k miles per year

Ecocoat Premier

  • Waterbased
  • Zero VOC
  • Nanotechology
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Highgloss
  • Dirt repelling
  • Ultimate gloss & shine

Ecocoat Wax

  • 100% pure caranuba wax
  • Cleanses, rejuvenates and protects automotive paint
  • Refreshes weathered paint
  • Removes micro scratches and swirl marks
  • Extremely reflective, hydrophobic surface that is easy to clean
  • Lasting upto 3 months*

Ecocoat Titan

  • Photocatalytic self cleaning coating
  • Decomposes pathogens, cleaning the air and surface effectively
  • Unique ‘Activ-Tough’ technology to actively clean surfaces
  • Specifically designed for high traffic areas that require high level of hygiene
  • Durable, lasting upto 12 months*

Ecocoat Headlight

  •  Semi permanent inorganic 6H hardness quartz coating
  • Prevent reoccurrence of yellowing or oxidation
  • Ultimate gloss & shine
  • Repels water, oil & dirt
  • Extremely durable, lasting up to 12 months*

Ecocoat Window

  • Super water repellent
  • Protects against waterspots
  • Reduces wiper resistance
  • Rain will roll off at speeds over 35mph
  • Also repels dirt, bug impact and bird dirt
  • Defrosts windows quicker and easier
  • Fresh level of resistance for upto 12 months*

Ecocoat Wheel

  • Forms an interlocking molecular glass like finish
  • Incredible safeguard
  • 9H Hardness on the pencil hardness scale
  • Fresh level of resistance against high temperature brake dust, marring, chemical attack and staining
  • Durable, lasting upto 12 months*

Ecocoat Leather

  • REACH Compliant
  • 100% breathable
  • Low VOC
  • Non Etching
  • Crosslinks with the surface of the leather to create an invisable layer
  • Repels liquid, dirt, dye and UV-radiation
  • Durable upto 12 months*

Ecocoat Trim

  • Scientifically advanced
  • Safeguard any vehicles trim, rubber and plastic mouldings
  • 6H Hardness on the pencil scale
  • Rejuvenates and provides a deep richness to any surface
  • Generates a new level of resistance against marring, chemical attack and staining 

Ecocoat Fabric

  • Zero VOC
  • Nanotechnology
  • Super hydrophobic
  • Safeguard textiles against water, liquids, dirt and staining
  • Doesn’t have an effect on the looks, texture or consistancy.
  • Durable for upto 12 months*