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Ecocoat Poly is our original paint coating formulation. Made up of a lot more than 70% of proprietary modified silica in addition to a rapid flash off solvent, that while curing crosslinks to create a firmness of 8H that will amplify the shine, gloss and protects paintwork from everyday dirt and toxins.

This coating protects any vehicles paint surface substantially reducing marring and light scratching over time.
Kit consist of:
– 30 ml kit – Ecocoat Poly 30 ml, Ecoclean Precoat 60 ml, Ecocoat Premier 60 ml, application cloth, application block

– 50 ml kit – Ecocoat Poly 50 ml, Ecoclean Precoat 100 ml, Ecocoat Premier 100 ml, application cloth, application block

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