Growing From 2 Single Founders To 46 Countries And Still Counting

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Ever since we launched our global campaign in 2015, we are now represented in 46 countries and the number is still growing. We spend our time improving our product and listening to the people who use it. We chart our own course, and relish the freedom to make bold decisions.

Sometimes, that means using resources to formulate something necessary, like our ecocoat Quartz. Other times, it means devoting time to improving the community around us.

Our company is made up of a team of introverts, extroverts, right brains, and left brains, all working hard to make products people love to use with minimal health risk.

Our marketing and designers are constantly improving the brand, while our chemist are always innovating, collaborating, and fixing things. Behind the scenes, we’ve got our delivery experts with the aim of lowering logistic cost without sacrificing efficiency.

Quality Products

IGL Coatings products is set to disrupt the detailing market. The ecocoat series offers very competitive performance and yet it lacks majority of the hazardous chemicals used by our competitors

Personal Attention

IGL Coatings products is set to disrupt the detailing market. The ecocoat series offers very competitive performance and yet it lacks majority of the hazardous chemicals used by our competitors

Special Offers

Our team hand pick new featured items weekly, and put together exclusive bundles and freebies, to make sure you never run out of your favorite IGL Coatings products.

Secure Payment

All payments are processed using PayPal(either one-click PayPal checkout, or credit/debit card payments via PayPal’s service) which ensures maximum security.

Trusted by detailers worldwide

Today, our products are being used by detailers worldwide, you only need to try it once to get hooked on to our products.

What Our Customers Say

We have excellent feedback from our customers which ranges from the professionals to the weekend warriors.

What Our Clients Have To say

IGL Coating’s product is definitely a blessing. Before this we were using coatings with very smelly and hazardous odours causing our workers headache and dizziness. Ever since we started using IGL coatings, our workers are able to work with almost zero hazard.


CEO, Auto Lovers

Follow the directions and you can’t go wrong. My opinion it’s impressive and exceeds any and all expectations. Price point is great and quality of product is even better.

Matthew Goode

Goode’s Custom Garage and Auto Detailing

The costumer were really impressed, although the car had been treated before IGL Coatings ecocoat quartz blew his mind! IGL Coatings had definitely made me into a believer of the product. You have to try it to know it.

Daniel Bilvårdaren Nilsson

Owner, Nilssons Bilvård

Best gloss and longevity out of any coating I’ve used. The gloss is unreal. I don’t use anything else now and I have used and tried about every silica based coating on the market and by far the best one there is. Great products and amazing people and an amazing company. Don’t second guess it just make the plunge and go with IGL Coatings.

Kevin Cox

We decided to have two of our demo cars protected hoping that the IGL Coatings protection would leave a good protective finish, making them easier to keep clean and looking good for longer. We were not disappointed! The cars look ultra clean, the paintwork is now protected and the rain easily runs off the windscreen. All in all, definitely a great product which does what it claims!


Aston Martin Malaysia

Been about a week since I applied Ecocoat Quartz and since then had some tree sap, and dust build up on my FRS and today I said lets see these beads lol and wow! I can’t believe what I was seeing nothing was stuck on the paint and I took out my blower and easily easily blew all the water off!

Kamakanani O’Keanuenue Baculpo

Paint and headlight protection

The Ecocoat series are the highest silica content system in the market. Offering the much desired gloss and protection for your vehicle’s paint and headlight from the harsh environment and natural oxidation.

Invisible windscreen wiper

Ecocoat Window is formulated with pure fluoride which allows the coating to bond uniformly to the glass to produce an extremely durable surface, which repels water while driving at normal or slow speeds. Thus far our coating has outlasted all other silicon type of window coating.

Upholstery protection

The Ecocoat Fabric is waterbased, odourless and are 100% breathable. It turns your upholstery and carpets into a super water repelling surface that resists unwanted liquid and stain. Saving you from the headache of a stained upholstery.

Prevention of rust

Ecocoat Rim forms an interlocking molecular glass like finish with high heat resistance and prevention of rust and adherence of brake dust.

Trim rejuvenation and protection

Ecocoat Trim is formulated to rejuvenate and protect your trim, rubber and plastic parts. It instantly repairs faded surface and forms a semi permanent protection that will maintain the surface like new for years to come.

Try It For Yourself, You Wont Be Disapointed