Ecocoat Marine is a specially formulated coating that adheres strongly onto gelcoat, polyurethane and acrylic paint. Inline with our coating technology.

If you are interested in this product take a look below for more information on our marine coating, how it works and why they are exactly what you need.

Ecocoat Marine

Ecocoat Marine is a ceramic coating that has been specifically formulated to cope with the harsh environment associated with life on the water.

The qualities of Marine ensure gelcoat, polyurethane and acrylic paint which is present on a marine craft is preserved to not only look it’s best but also make maintenance and cleaning far easier than a non protected surface.

Ecocoat Marine can be applied above or below the waterline protecting the value of your asset.

Being easier to maintain saves time and protects the finish allowing for a more relaxed experience whilst being free from pollutants, it is safer for the environment.