Ecocoat Titan 50ml

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Ecocoat Titan is a photocatalytic self cleaning coating that decomposes pathogens, cleaning the air and surface effectively. Unlike other photocatalyst products that are easily removed from touch, Ecocoat Titan’s unique ‘Activ-Tough’ technology actively cleans surfaces, durable against common household cleaners and continues to work even after 10,000 cycles of scrubbing. Ecocoat Titan is specifically designed for high traffic areas that requires high standards of hygiene. Areas of Application: Suitable to be applied on shared and public spaces such as lifts, elevators, handles, education and healthcare facilities, public toilets and more. How to Apply: Place a few drops of Ecocoat Titan onto an application cloth and wipe directly onto surface, ensuring overlapping of the coating. No buffing or levelling is required after application. Always spot test before application. Benefits of Ecocoat Titan: • photocatalyst self cleaning active coating activated by light/ UV • decomposes dirt and pollutants that come into contact with the surface • purifies the air • keeps surfaces clean longer • continues to clean even in the dark • durable for long periods • reduces maintenance costs • suitable for a variety of surfaces (glass, metal, fabric, plastics) • highly resistant to most household cleaners, including alcohol and peroxides (Note: not suitable for strong APCs) • tested against 10,000 cycles (soap) 1,000 cycles (IPA) scrub resistance • for optimum self-cleaning performance, it is recommend to apply outdoors or well-lit areas.


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