EcoShine Compound F1 (1000 Grm)


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Ecoshine compound F1, is a nanotechnology based very high abrasive polishing compound formulated with innovative abrasion technology which can also finish ready for vehicle delivery. The compound F1 is an excellent ONE STEP highly efficient at correcting paint that are failing, dull, marred and P1500-P3000 sand scratches and at the final stages it creates an extremely deep gloss, with virtually no halos and hologram. Results are highly dependent on the hardness of the treated paints. It may be used both on oxidised surfaces and new fully dried paints. Versus other heavy cutting product that has high dusting, Ecoshine compound F1 is the cleanest product in existence while at the same time providing high finish, clarity and residue removal. Cutting power can be increased by using a microfiber or wool pad with Ecoshine compound F1.

Size : 300GM & 1KG


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