Ecocoat Bike

There are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths. For that, we got you covered.
  • High solids premium silica coating
  • 8H hardness with extreme silk-like surface
  • Ultimate gloss & shine
  • Repels water, oil & dirt
  • Protection up to 2 years*
  • Specially developed for the Bike industry

Our Story

IGL Coatings is a technology firm based in Asia with the core focus of developing innovative and disruptive products that are set to redefine the

This is thanks to our strong partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute, a prominent technology institute in Germany and the largest applied
research organisation in Europe.

Since the development of our first prototype in 2013, we are now represented in more than 50 countries and the numbers are still growing. We focus
our resources on improving and reinventing our products and business model by listening to the people who use it and by thinking outside of the box.

We chart our own course, and relish the freedom to make bold decisions. We are pioneers of low and Zero VOC and high solids coatings are
extremely easy to use when compared with the competition. IGL Coatings is the first coating company to be audited and awarded the Global

Nanoverify Program which certifies our products as truly nanotechnology product.
We do not claim, we prove.


Easy to Clean



Improves Resale Value



Better Resistance to Enviromental Damage



Creates a Very Deep, Glossy Almost Crystal-Like Finish



Harmless & Non-Hazardous



Your Bike Looks Brand New



Protects Your Bike’s OEM Paint



Low Volatile Organic Compound



Up to 8H Hardness



IGL Coatings Protects

We understand that the heart of your bike lies in its frame, which is one of the mostexpensive components to the cycling experience. Unfortunately, it is also the easiest to receive scratches, dents and damage from use.
The second most abused part is the wheels. Cleaning the spokes from bugs, poo, grime, mud and dirt can be troublesome and difficult, especially after a long journey. As such ecocoat bike was developed to address the growing surface protection needs of the cycling industry

High Quality Performance

ecocoat bike is our high solids, super hydrophonic, ultra scratch-resistant, long-term high gloss retention excellent finish quality coating system. ecocoat bike also performs outstandingly well against harsh weather conditions, particularly after a thunderstorm and the scorching sun. ecocoat bike is produced with uncompromising standards and manufacturing requirements in order to provide users like yourself with the best performing coatings with unrivalled reliability and durability. Ecocoat bike improves the surface by up to 8H hardness, increases the intensity of gloss and ensures hydrophobicity of the surface for up to 12 months.

Contents It the Kit

Each kit of ecocoat bike is packaged with you in mind.
The kit includes a 10ml bottle of ecocoat bike (the ceramic coating), together with ecoclean precoat (for decontaminating and cleaning), ecoclean air (for preventing and removing unpleasant smells, e.g. bike helmets, shoes and gym socks), applicator blocks, cloths and wands. Instructions are included in the kit (but if you lose it, it can be requested from

Easy To Use Aplication

ecocoat bike can be applied directly onto various surfaces including paint, metal, Titanium, Carbon Fibre and plastics (vinyl included). This means that your entire frame, wheel and components (except rubber) will be protected from harsh elements while keeping your bike easy to clean and maintain. Our coating can also be applied to both high gloss and matte paint finishes.

  • Clean & degrease all surface before coating.
  • Coat only parts which are metal, titanium, aluminium, carbon fibre, plastic and vinyl.
  • Leave to dry 2-4 hours.

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