At IGL Coatings we offer a range of product suitable for all kinds areas including our Ecocoat Eclipse which is specially designed for industrial use and our Ecocoat Titan which is part of our sanitising range.

If you are interested in either product take a look below for more information as to what they are, how they work and why they are exactly what you need.

Ecocoat Eclipse

Ecocoat Eclipse is an industrial strength ceramic coating designed specifically for; domestic, commercial, vehicular or any substrate that is exposed to harsh environmental changes which include but a not limited to vehicle underbody components and engines, motorcycle frames, engines and components or plant machinery. This really is an extremely versatile solution.

Due to Eclipse being self levelling application via HVLP Spray gun, it allows the product to be applied to intricate areas, coupled with a very high temperature and chemical resistance makeup ensures ease of maintenance and cleaning. It is aso possible to hand applie this product for other applications.

The thick film of Eclipse protects the substrate from accelerated degrading resulting in less down time for machinery and ease of maintenance, servicing and cleaning or the protected surface resulting in reduction of overall costs.

Lynch Testimonial – Eclipse

Lynch & IGL Coatings UK

IGL Coatings UK have been working with Lynch plant hire having Eclipse applied to their heavy plant machinery that was deployed earlier in the summer to site. This is a customer testimony of their experience working with us and also how they’ve found our product has helped reduce maintenance to these machines but critically machines coated with Eclipse have not seen any unscheduled downtime whereas other non-coated machines have all have failures resulting in costly maintenance / downtime.

Ecocoat Titan

Ecocoat Titan is part of our sanitising range that breaks down viruses, pathogens, mould, bacteria and inorganic materials on contact, resulting in surfaces that are self cleaning creating safe high impact areas within public spaces, offices, or any non porous substrate where safety is paramount.

Unlike most products available Titan can withstand traditional cleaners without being reapplied with a durability of up to 10,000 cleaning cycles or 1,000 if using an alcohol based cleaner.

Having a surface that reduces transmission of harmful virused, pathogens, mold, bactria and inorganic materials prevents downtime for workforces and reassures the public that every opportunity has been addressed to keep them safe.

CrossFit Testimonial – Titan

How have you found working with IGL Coatings?

We have dealt with Paul throughout and found him to be very flexible around our working hours and he is so easy to work with. He has educated us on the product and has been professional and friendly.

How did you hear of our Ecocoat Titan product?

One of our members recommended it to us, so we looked into it further.

How do you think Ecocoat Titan can help you and your business?

Keeping our community as healthy as possible. The impact of covid19 or any other virus affecting our gym members could be devistating, not only for their physical health but moreso theit emotional and mental wellbeing. We need to do what we can to help reduce the risk of infection and Ecocoat Titan has helped us to do so.

Would you recommend IGL Coatings to other businesses?

Absolutely. Complete peace of mind knowing our staff and clients are as safe as possible in the current climate. Can’t recommend them enough.

Vikki Anderson  РCrossFit All Out